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The event will take place on March 14th-18th , 2022.

Lecture program

MONDAY                  Opening session : The context

Session coordinated by A. Quadrelli (CNRS, CPE Lyon) and S. Bordiga (U. Torino, NIS)

Speakers: F. Chandezon (CEA SUNERGY), William TUMAS (NREL), A. Missener (CIRED) and JC Pereau (Bordeaux school of economics)


TUESDAY              Methane: Current usages and future direct conversion

Session coordinated by F. di Renzo (CNRS)

Speakers: N. Wakim (Le Monde) tbc, J.-P. Dath (TotalEnergies), J. van Bokoven (ETH-Z & PSI)

                                Hydrogen: REN-production and use

Session coordinated by V. Artero (CEA)

Speakers: T. Leperq (Solairestream), L. Baraton (Engie), N. Dupassieux (INES),  K. Vincent (Oxford U.)


WEDNESDAY       CO2: Is “from waste to resource” building a circular economy?

Session coordinated by T. Cantat (CEA)

Speakers: V. Masson-Delmotte (CEA) tbc, FM Bréon (IPSL) tbc, W. Leitner (MPG Mulheim),  A. Bardow (ETH-Z)


THURSDAY            Ammonia: from fossil-based to fossil-free routes

Session coordinated by S. Bordiga (U. Torino, NIS) and A. Quadrelli (CNRS, CPE Lyon)

Speakers: W. Stephen (Stockholm resilience institute), T. Minh Nguyen (Haldor Topsoe), I. Chorkendorff (DTU)


FRIDAY                 Polyolefin and biopolymers: as carbon feedstock

Session coordinated by E. Groppo, (U. Torino)

Speakers: N. Friederichs (Sabic), F. Picchioni (U Delft), K. Bartha (U Delft)

                                 Closing session: Scenarios for the Energy Transition

Session coordinated by A. Quadrelli (CNRS, CPE Lyon) and S. Bordiga (U. Torino, NIS)

 Speaker: B. Weckhuysen (EFCATS)



Practicals & Serious games

Economy: Game theory & negotiations

Psychology: Cognitive biases to change

Thermal Catalysis: Problem based learning exercises

Photo&Electro Catalysis: Problem based learning exercises

Ethics: Theatre to explore individual vs. collective choices

Critical reviewing : “Take home message of the day” sessions